About Us

A History of Innovation and Transformational Leadership

OATI was founded on the idea that change and disruptions within the energy industry are harbingers of opportunity and the bedrock of innovation. From one engineer and one visionary idea in 1995 to more than 1,100 staff operating across 3 continents, OATI has transformed visionary ideas into practical, best-in-class applications spanning the entire spectrum of the energy industry. In the Transmission & Reliability arena, OATI is an acknowledged leader in the industry with close to 100% share of the North American market in some applications. This success is driving brand adoption within the Energy/Commodity Trading and Risk Management, as well as the Smart Energy sectors.

To get a better feel of OATI’s transformational leadership within the energy industry in terms of innovation and vision, a timeline that highlights major engineering breakthroughs is a good place to start.

Energy-Industry Specific

OATI has more combined industry experience than any other software solutions provider. Our flagship applications are used by more than 98% of North American reliability organizations, making OATI one of the most trusted names in the energy arena.

Adding Value

OATI provides solutions that are proactively transforming the business of energy. Our innovative solutions are built specifically to deliver access to mission-critical information, be seamlessly integrated across the organization, and designed to help our customers get more done.


With products and services stretching from the wholesale market to retail solutions, OATI partners with every level of the energy industry to enhance efficiency and streamline operations for more than 2,200 industry customers.