OATI in the News

T&D World Magazine: “OATI and Western Joint Initiative Move to Launch I-TAP”

T&D World Magazine lauds OATI’s leadership role in the energy industry in this article that shows OATI partnering with major energy industry stakeholders in the Western Interconnection to transform and optimize their operations. This time, it is “a group of utilities, independent power producers, merchants, transmission providers and balancing authorities in the Western Interconnection have agreed to develop the Intra-Hour Transaction Accelerator Platform (I-TAP) concept, an electronic platform designed to partially automate the identification and scheduling of bilateral energy trades.” Central to this initiative is OATI’s webExchange (U.S. patent pending) platform. To learn more about OATI’s newest solutions that are helping Balancing Authorities and merchant authorities optimize their day-to-day operations, please visit our Energy Imbalance Market Software solution page.