Trading & Risk Management

Inclusive Energy & Commodity Trading

Focus on the opportunities, not all the details. Whether that focus is power, gas, emissions, or any other commodity, OATI’s energy and commodity trading solutions provide highly integrated transaction capture, complex deal management, scheduling, risk analysis, process automation, market integration, and much more.

Industry-Leading ETRM

Our dynamic Energy Trading & Risk Management (ETRM) solution is specifically designed to help your front office make money while keeping your back office balanced. Our dynamic interface provides easy navigation with clear displays that can significantly improve day-to-day activities for traders and schedulers.

  • Manage the availability of deals, e-Tags, schedules, etc., based on the selected scheduling range
  • Provide an ecosystem of functionality that eliminates redundant operations and leverages smart data analytics to maximize business objectives
  • Trading limit structures can be tailored to reflect an organization’s risk tolerance and is accompanied by a tracking system
  • Optimize trading strategies with predictive processing capabilities


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