OATI Offers FERC Order 881 Compliant Ambient Line Ratings Solution

OATI webLineR™ seamlessly and securely complies with FERC Order 881

Minneapolis, MN (June 15, 2023) – OATI, The Most Trusted Name in Energy™, announces webLineR™ to seamlessly and securely comply with FERC Order 881. Grid operators can use OATI webLineR™ to collect and store facility ambient line ratings, and then seamlessly display the public rating database using webSmartOASIS®. This creative solution eliminates the need for additional credential management systems.

“Grid operators know the deadline to meet the new federal requirements is coming soon and transformative changes must be implemented to meet them,” says Sasan Mokhtari, Ph.D., OATI President and CEO. “OATI webLineR™ sets the standard for streamlining this transition and offering customers an immediate, secure, value-added solution to achieve these new benchmarks.”

“OATI’s newest innovation not only benefits utilities in achieving FERC Order compliance, it facilitates the improved line capacity to distribute more power with the current infrastructure,” adds Dr. Mokhtari. “The result is more reliable, cost-effective energy distribution.”

FERC Order 881 requires transmission providers to improve both transmission line accuracy and transparency ratings by 2025. Providers must implement and use ambient-adjusted ratings that account for air temperature and other weather conditions as the basis for line ratings, and collect and store more comprehensive facility rating data.

OATI webLineR™ offers rich functionality designed by industry-renowned Subject Matter Experts. Coupled with OATI webSmartOASIS®, FERC compliance is easily accomplished. To learn more about webLineR™, email

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