OATI Named Finalist for American Technology Award in Smart Grid & Smart Instruments Category

The TechAmerica Foundation “Best Of” Award recognizes Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) and its GridControlTM/SM solution.

Minneapolis, MN: April 16, 2014 — OATI has been named a finalist for an American Technology Award (ATA) in the Smart Grid & Smart Instruments category for OATI GridControl. The ATAs represent outstanding achievements and are the only “Best Of” national award in the energy industry. Being awarded an ATA means your product exemplifies the “Best Of” in the United States technology sector.

“We are honored to have created of one of the best Smart Grid and Smart Instruments in the country,” said Sasan Mokhtari, Ph.D., President and CEO of OATI. “GridControl is providing grid operators improved visibility to grid operating conditions and fully securing the power grid of the future.”

OATI GridControl, along with the OATI webSmartEnergy applications, seamlessly integrates hardware, software, and infrastructure for end-to-end optimization of power systems from demand-side to renewable generation and to bulk power generation and energy markets. Unlike any other product in the marketplace, OATI GridControl provides end-to-end security, utilizes real-time measurements, and enables balancing variable generation with demand-side resources, allows for distribution grid and behind-the-meter observability — all at an extremely low cost and built-in security.

OATI GridControl allows the utility, and ultimately the consumers, to save money by using existing communications infrastructure, providing real-time situational awareness of current demand and available Demand Response (DR), and giving them granular control of end-use devices and grid assets. These benefits lead to lower energy costs and higher adoption of renewable energy standards, without the additional costs of new conventional generation. 

“Each year the quality of the nominations we get for the American Technology Awards improves. The amazing innovations and advancement in technology that each of the finalists represent is a true testament to the quality of our industry in this country,” said Shawn Osborne, Chairman of the TechAmerica Foundation. “We congratulate OATI on being a finalist for this prestigious award.”

In an effort to ensure that these cutting edge products receive the attention they deserve, the TechAmerica Foundation will be presenting the products and announcing the winners at a showcase and awards ceremony at 1776, D.C.’s premier tech startup. The event, being held May 20, 2014, brings together tech innovators, policy makers and investors.  

During the event, the Breakthrough Technology of the Year will be chosen, which will then be honored at the prestigious Technology and Government dinner in June 2014. Each finalist is considered for the Breakthrough Technology of the Year.

About OATI
OATI provides innovative software solutions that simplify, streamline, and empower the operational tasks required in today’s energy commerce and Smart Grid. With more than 1,800 customers in North America, OATI successfully deploys large, complicated, and diverse mission-critical applications committed to industry standards and stringent NERC CIP guidelines.

OATI ( is a leading provider of Smart Grid, Energy Trading and Risk Management, Transmission Scheduling, Congestion Management, and Market Management products and services. OATI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with an office in Redwood City, California. For more information, please contact

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