OATI Demonstrates its Next-Level IESO Energy-Trading Solution

webIESO™ will optimize energy commerce in the Ontario market
Minneapolis, MN (November 17, 2022) – Energy experts from Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) presented and demonstrated webIESO™, the company’s next-level energy-trading solution for the Ontario Energy Market during a webinar yesterday. OATI’s webIESO™ solution is on track to help IESO market participants optimize energy trading for Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) new market, once comprehensive changes to that market take effect in mid-2025 under the Market Renewal Program (MRP).
“Ontario’s energy market rules are changing in a big way, and those who understand and have a system in place to adapt to the new market rules will be best prepared to reduce costs and/or make the most profitable decisions possible,” says Salah Khuhro, OATI Vice President of Sales. “With OATI’s innovative webIESO™ solution, independent power producers, traders and electric utility operators will be able to optimize energy trading as IESO moves away from Real-Time-only to a two-settlement market that includes both Day-Ahead as well as Real-Time markets.”
During the webinar, OATI’s industry-leading experts presented information comparing IESO’s current Two-Schedule System with the upcoming MRP Single-Schedule System, described the main MRP features and functions, and gave illustrative examples. In addition, they provided an MRP Implementation Timeline, compared the MRP with Other Energy Market Rules, presented strategies to avoid unintended consequences from MRP Market participation and gave a webIESO™ market solution demo.
“OATI’s webIESO™ solution will meet the needs of all different types of Ontario energy market participants,” notes Khuhro. “This includes current IESO participants using the existing IESO Market Solution from OATI, some who use webAgent® to schedule transactions into or out of IESO, participants with other OATI Market Solutions who may be entering the IESO, and those who are not currently OATI Market Solution customers.”
Whatever the need, OATI’s industry-leading energy experts and solutions are available to ensure customer success during ever-changing energy market rules and regulations, adds Khuhro. “OATI provides the innovative technologies and the customer support to overcome both current and future energy challenges,” he adds.
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