EIDSN and OATI Launch Parallel Flow Visualization

Minneapolis, MN (July 12, 2022) – Almost 23 years after the Interchange Distribution Calculator (IDC) began managing grid congestion in the Eastern Interconnection, EIDSN, Inc. and Open Access Technology International, Inc. have successfully launched the Parallel Flow Visualization (PFV), the real-time situational awareness visualization, monitoring, and control tool empowering advanced transmission grid congestion management. PFV provides the Reliability Coordinators (RCs) in the Eastern Interconnection a regional view of the operating state of the bulk electric system as well as more granular representations of the elements that contribute to transmission congestion. This vast improvement in pinpointing and correcting congestion overloads and other grid issues supports green energy resources in the complex, decarbonized power grid. Another major change is the implementation of the NEASB WEQ-008 Transmission Loading Relief (TLR) Procedures which modified the prior IDC TLR Procedure.
“EIDSN is pleased to have successfully reached this monumental milestone which is the culmination of over six years of effort from EIDSN’s members.  We look forward to experiencing the operational benefits that PFV was designed to provide in the member’s control rooms across the Eastern Interconnection,” stated Tom O’Brien, EIDSN Board Chair.
“The novel PFV system represents over a decade of policy development and 6 years of joint coordination and implementation by the IDC Steering Committee, Working Group, RC staff, EIDSN and OATI,” says Dr. Sasan Mokhtari, OATI President and CEO. “It is a critical step in the modernization of transmission grid management to support the continuing Grid Transformation to include variable generation and distributed energy resources.”
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