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OATI Experts Examine Transactive Energy Framework Opportunities in New Article

The IEEE Electrification Magazine of December 2016, devoted to envisioning the future of Transactive Energy (TE), featured OATI experts on the subject. Drs. Farrokh Rahimi and Ali Ipakchi’s article, “Using a Transactive Energy Framework” argues that given the current transitioning of the electric industry from a traditional centralized utility value chain to a highly dynamic network—driven by the increased adoption of renewable generation at the bulk power level and the DERs at the grid edge—there are tremendous opportunities in the form of new grid services despite the prevailing challenges.
To Rahimi and Ipakchi, innovative technologies (some of which are already reaching commercial maturity) will not only resolve the operational issues caused by the demand/supply intermittency of renewable generation and DERs, but also provide bulk power and distribution systems, a platform for better information exchange. This “Transactive Energy Framework” will act as the catalyst for minimizing risks while creating and capturing the new revenue streams from the new types of grid services.
Their featured article can be found here (subscription required).
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