OATI in the News

Net Zero Buildings Feature

OATI’s Microgrid Technology Center was recently featured in a Net Zero Buildings article! With a focus on exploring the concept and actualization of zero-energy in buildings, the magazine dubs OATI’s Microgrid a “hard-working showcase” in the optimization of multiple on-site generation resources with OATI’s GridMind software.
One resource the magazine mentioned is the use of a Combined Cooling, Heat, and Power (CCHP) system. With a need to provide constant, 24/7 cooling for OATI’s data servers, the system captures heat, a byproduct from an energy-supplying microturbine, to provide additional energy for the absorption chiller. This process of recycling heat into energy is an example of how OATI can design and optimize generation resources and systems together to suit the needs of an entity.  
Want to read the article? Click here to read the free electronic magazine and then go to page 44-45.