OATI in the News

OATI’s Microgrid project helps “Minnesota Break[s] Stereotype,” Microgrid Knowledge reports

Microgrid Knowledge news article on OATI’s installation of a microgrid at its second data center in Bloomington takes on an angle not previously reported on. Namely, that this project represents not only a great marriage between OATI’s state-of-the-art microgrid optimization software solution and distributed generation, but it is also “breaking the stereotype that the Midwest isn’t a friendly place for combined heat and power (CHP)”. According to Elisa Wood, the chief editor of MicrogridKnowledge.com OATI will operate a microturbine in parallel with wind, solar, and energy storage systems at the data center, along with the utility grid network in a stand-alone mode to generate power should the grid fails. Visit OATI’s microgrid optimization software solution page to learn more.