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OATI Microgrid Technology Center a Savvy Economic Decision for C&I Customers

Microgrid Media recently featured the OATI Microgrid Technology Center and USA Microgrids™ in an article examining whether Commercial and Industrial (C&I) microgrids are an economically viable option for businesses. Traditionally, microgrids have been considered for public purposes, as they can be funded primarily through public subsidies. Now, funding for C&I microgrids come from the business itself or other available funding sources. The author identifies OATI as an innovator in the C&I microgrid arena and points to the OATI Microgrid Technology Center as a model of a C&I microgrid being deployed to provide a return on investment.
USA Microgrids offers C&I professionals a valuable toolset to explore microgrid development for their business. To learn more about investment opportunities with USA Microgrids, please visit usamicrogrids.com.
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