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OATI Experts Weigh in on the Changing Electrical Landscape

OATI smart grid experts, Drs. Farrokh Rahimi and Ali Ipakchi, team up with Fred Fletcher, formerly of Burbank Water and Power, to evaluate the major trends that are emerging as a result of the changing electricity landscape. The exhaustively researched article, “The Changing Electrical Landscape,” published in the IEEE Power & Energy Magazine, does more than provide an overview of how the challenges associated with the change from the traditional utility model can be addressed.  Rahimi, et al., provide an in-depth examination of the industry drivers, the applicability of the bulk-power Transactive Energy (TE) framework used to resolve issues emanating from the 1990 deregulation of wholesale/transmission into the retail domain, the economic viability of TE system models, the changing role of operators, and more.
Their benefits-driven narrative, is an important foundational reference to every power professional seeking an understanding of where the industry is headed, the changing roles of stakeholders, and the technologies that will facilitate the transition to a decentralized, dynamic power network with multifaceted value streams.
This paper can be downloaded here (subscription required).
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