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New Paper by OATI Experts Discusses the Application of Bulk Power Deregulation Lessons

The IEEE Explore Digital Library recently published a paper titled “Applying lessons learned from transmission open access to distribution and grid-edge Transactive Energy systems” by OATI’s Drs. Farrokh Rahimi and Farrokh Albuyeh. This paper, submitted to and presented at the IEEE 2016 ISGT conference, examines the Transactive Energy (TE) paradigm emerging at the level of the prosumers and Distribution System Operators in response to the growing need for transactive markets at the grid edge. This emerging transactive marketplace, Farrokh and Farrokh posit, shares a number of parallels with the wholesale market that emerged in conjunction with bulk power deregulation in the mid-1990s.

Given the challenges facing the new market designers—whether their approach is founded on the TE system, Distribution System Operator (DSO) construct, or Distributed System Platform (DSP) framework—they can benefit from the wholesale market deregulation lessons. After all, some of the challenges confronting the creation of a distribution and grid-edge transactive marketplace have already been faced and resolved at the wholesale market level.

This paper can be downloaded here (subscription required).
To learn more about OATI’s TE technologies, please visit the OATI webDSO solution page.