Achieve your smart energy and sustainability goals

Enhance System Reliability and Resiliency: OATI DERMS is field-proven, reliable, and secure, managing the technical, operational, and economic challenges of interconnected resources.

Situational awareness accounts for and mitigates DER impacts, providing key economic value for distribution, bulk power, and retail customers.

  • DATA ACQUISITION AND ASSET CONTROL: OATI’s Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS) integrates to and controls Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in real time
  • POWERFUL IOT SOLUTIONS: OATI’s smart meter and data management solutions are fast, reliable, cloud-based, and scalable to handle large meter data volumes intelligently
  • ADVANCED MICROGRID INTELLIGENCE AND CONTROLS:  OATI’s microgrid controller intelligently optimizes local distributed generation, provides load prioritization, and enables ancillary services to the grid


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