Achieve Unparalleled Microgrid Optimization

OATI GridMind™ addresses the needs of many commercial and industrial businesses who are looking for more stable energy prices by self-generating power with a microgrid. This sophisticated microgrid control and optimization software system optimally schedules available energy resources and orchestrates the operation of prioritized loads to ensure reliable and economic operation of a complex microgrid. It also ties together a variety of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) with multiple other control layers to balance production with demand.
The robust GridMind solution can be targeted to maximize economic value, improve reliability, and/or minimize environmental impacts. It can also be configured to work in — and smoothly transition between — three different operational modes: Grid Connected, Isolated, and Grid Scheduled.

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OATI GridMind Datasheet

OATI GridMind Unparalleled Microgrid Optimization