Transmission & Reliability

Comprehensive solutions for complex problems

OATI’s webTrans Suite provides all-inclusive applications for business operations, compliance, accounting, and data management.

Our adaptable modules can be deployed independently or integrated to meet each organization’s unique needs, setting the industry standard for managing transmission and reliability operations, including:

  • Transaction Scheduling
  • Outage Management
  • OASIS and OASIS Management
  • Transmission Billing
  • Congestion Management


Learn more about OATI’s Transmission & Reliability Solutions here:

  • webTrans Scheduling & e-Tag Transaction Scheduling
  • webOMS (Outage Management System)
  • webAccounting
  • webTrans Billing
  • webSmartOASIS & webTrans NITS
  • webTrans CCO, PCM, SSW & webmaster
  • webTrans ATC/AFC Calculator
  • webSAS/IDC
  • webMarket
  • webEIM