Smart Utility

Flexible Grid Services via OATI Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) achieve your smart energy and sustainability goals.

Enhance System Reliability and Resiliency

OATI DERMS is field-proven, reliable, and secure, managing the technical, operational, and economic challenges of interconnected resources.

Situational awareness accounts for and mitigates DER impacts, providing key economic value for distribution, bulk power, and retail customers.

Data Acquisition and Asset Control

OATI’s Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS) integrates to and controls Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in real time.

Powerful IOT Solutions

OATI’s smart meter and data management solutions are fast, reliable, cloud-based, and scalable to handle large meter data volumes intelligently.

Advanced Microgrid Intelligence and Control

OATI’s microgrid controller intelligently optimizes local distributed generation, provides load prioritization, and enables ancillary services to the grid.

Renewable Energy Complex

OATI's Expertise and Technology

OATI has the expertise and technology to help your organization:

  • Grid Reliability and Resilience
  • Grid Situational Awareness
  • Grid Flexibility: VPP/Grid Services and Demand Side Management
  • DERMS and DRMS
  • Microgrid Control
  • Smart EV Charging Infrastructure and Charge Management
  • Next Generation AMI
  • Supplying Ancillary and other Grid Services to Bulk Power

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Smart Utility Suite

DERMS functional view

Case Study


Client: North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation, a non-profit G&T supporting 26 North Carolina electric cooperatives.

Need: To integrate solar, microgrids, smart thermostats, and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERS) into Demand Response (DR) programs for each of their cooperatives.

Solution: OATI webSmartEnergy® DERMS enables NCEMC to:

  • Offer sophisticated technology to its coop members
  • Coordinate resources through a single Platform
  • Support future growth and resource expansion
  • Achieve economic and reliability value all year round

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