Smart Energy

Microgrid Energy Management System for Sensing & Control

Microgrid energy management systems are foundational to operating a microgrid. Advanced microgrid technology is critical to many entities, including municipal and private utilities, police and fire departments, hospitals, airports, seaports, military bases, and manufacturing facilities exploring microgrid development as a way to increase resiliency, optimize their generation resources, and take advantage of additional cost savings. An important component of these initiatives is determining a microgrid design and a distribution management system that meets business objectives. Since no two microgrids can be exactly the same, employing a highly configurable microgrid controller is key to the overall success of microgrids.

The OATI microgrid automated controller, OATI GridMind™, addresses the needs of commercial and industrial businesses looking for more stable energy prices by self-generating power. As an advanced microgrid controller with the capability to intelligently optimize local distributed generation, provide load prioritization, and ancillary services to the grid, GridMind is a critical resource for both consumer-owned and utility-owned microgrids. GridMind optimally schedules available energy resources and orchestrates the operation of prioritized loads to ensure reliable and economic operation of a complex microgrid. This microgrid technology also ties together a variety of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) with multiple other control layers to balance production with demand.

The robust microgrid control system can be targeted to maximize economic value, improve reliability, and/or minimize environmental impacts. It can be configured to work in — and smoothly transition between — Grid Connected and the islanded mode when there is a grid outage. In addition, GridMind can expose the microgrid to relevant energy markets as a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) participating in grid services programs.

OATI GridMind can be configured and optimized to meet the unique needs and priorities of any microgrid, including the OATI Microgrid Technology Center. It works with a variety of protocols, including DNP3, Modbus, and BACnet, and can communicate with external applications through standard interface protocols.

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