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Empowering Energy and Commodity Trading

Your Energy, Our Solutions

Focus on the opportunities, not all the details. Whether your focus is power, gas, emissions, or any other commodity, the OATI Energy and Commodity Trading solution suite provides highly integrated transaction capture, complex deal management, scheduling, risk analysis, process automation, market integration, and much more. With a comprehensive set of analytics that can be customized to your operations and reporting needs, OATI’s Trading and Risk Management applications provide the best approach to getting the most out of your data.

OATI Commodity Trading and Risk Management solutions form a complete front-to-back-office energy trading and risk management ecosystem that lets your business focus on the strategic financial and physical aspects of trading. The unique OATI cross-commodity platform allows for a single-solution deployment, maximizing your operational efficiency and profits. OATI solutions allow you to focus on trading and increasing revenues — without worrying about time-consuming behind-the-scenes work.

OATI Energy and Commodity Trading solutions provide an ecosystem of functionality that eliminates redundant operations and leverages smart data analytics to maximize business objectives. The OATI suite of Trading and Risk Management applications includes:

Integrated for Single-Solution Deployment

OATI provides comprehensive front-to-back-office solutions for multi-commodity financial and physical trading throughout North America. The OATI cross-commodity platform helps you maximize operational efficiency and profits.

To see how the integrated OATI Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management platform allows you and your team to focus on trading and increasing revenues, contact us today.

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