OATI Unveils Innovative Solution to Electrification Overload

Dynamic Operating Envelopes can be harnessed to optimize DERs
Minneapolis, MN (March 14, 2023) – At the 2023 TechAdvantage® Expo last week in Nashville, Tennessee, Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) unveiled a comprehensive solution to support the growth of distributed energy resources (DERs) and electrification of transportation (EoT) while minimizing the need for distribution grid upgrades. Distributed energy resources, such as roof-top solar and battery storage, as well as EV charging and V2G capabilities, when properly managed, can reduce the overall power supply cost to consumers and make a significant contribution to decarbonization initiatives. The distribution grid is the critical link in achieving cost reductions, and OATI’s innovative solution maximizes the existing grid’s capability for both reliability and cost-effectiveness.

At a Tech Talk session at the expo, Ali Ipakchi, Ph.D., OATI Executive Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer, explained how utilities can establish Dynamic Operating Envelopes to accommodate and manage distributed energy operations in the grid, instead of upgrading transformers, circuits and substations.  “Dynamic Operating Envelopes establish the upper and lower bounds on DER operations during a given time period, adjusting to changing loads and conditions on the grid,” said Dr. Ipakchi. “With smart technology software, algorithms can be leveraged to ensure the maximal safe use of existing grid assets and thus save costs that would otherwise be spent on expensive infrastructure upgrades.”

In conventional systems, electrical hosting capacity is determined by the amount of DERs that can be added considering the worst operating conditions, resulting in highly conservative limits. In contrast, a dynamic operating envelope system can adroitly allocate the grid’s marginal capacity among the resources available at any given time.
With its webSmartEnergy® DERMS advanced platform for distributed resource management, and its integrated Dynamic Operating Envelope computation and utilization engine, OATI empowers utilities to reliably and affordably transition to a decarbonized grid. In addition, it enables them to embrace customers’ desire for resiliency by investing in behind the meter (BTM) technologies or microgrid capabilities, and fully supports EoT with its increased grid loading features.
OATI is the premier energy-industry solutions provider, offering the scalability, performance, and security needed to power the transitioning Grid of the Future. “We are proud to be leading the energy transition towards a more sustainable world, “said Sasan Mokhtari, Ph.D., OATI President and CEO. “We are also honored to have the industry’s best minds that position us to offer energy innovations that will make a decarbonized grid possible quicker than what was once thought possible.”
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