AMI Beyond Just Metering

It’s no secret that it’s time to disrupt the metering industry. With rapidly expanding uses of information management and increasing consumer expectations of quality and services, utilities require a smarter grid that intelligently connects consumers, grid operations, and resources together.

The OATI advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system solution, OATI AMIoT™, brings a fresh take with the latest metering technology to get you ahead of the crowd. The end-to-end solution leverages Long Range (LoRa)-based networks and meter technology for a highly cost-effective, open access smart network and meter deployment.

With OATI AMIoT™, utilities can be empowered to deploy and manage their own network and smart meters. Learn more about this industry disrupting solution by filling out the form to receive our datasheet today.


AMIoT Datasheet

OATI AMIoT: Beyond Just Metering