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case-studies   smart-energy   Case Study: OATI Microgrid Technology Center
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Advanced Microgrid Development Makes OATI an Active Player in Power Usage

When planning to build a new Data Center in Bloomington, MN, ensuring reliable power to keep our mission-critical Data Center running at all times was the main priority for OATI. At the end of the day, it made sense from both a reliability and economic standpoint to build our own microgrid to utilize on-site generation more intelligently and efficiently, rather than simply having back-up power for emergencies. The OATI Microgrid Technology Center is a one-of-a-kind advanced microgrid facility that houses OATI’s Mission Critical Data Center.

The OATI Microgrid Technology Center is also a unique opportunity to showcase how OATI technology and services can be used for current and potential customers’ own microgrid installations.

The OATI Microgrid Technology Center case study explores:

  • How the OATI Microgrid Technology Center was designed
  • Who are the right people to tackle complex microgrid technical integration
  • How OATI’s microgrid optimization product, OATI GridMind™, helps OATI control the microgrid in a wide variety of scenarios
  • How USA Microgrids, a division of OATI, can assist you with your microgrid development initiatives

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