City of Flora Successfully Goes Live with the OATI AMIoT™ Solution

Minneapolis, MN: October 21, 2020
OATI is pleased to announce full production operations of the webSmartEnergy AMIoT™ to the City of Flora. AMIoT™ modernizes the city’s meter infrastructure, providing situational awareness, remote disconnect and reconnect, outage alerting, and other critical information.  The AMIoT™ head end is hosted in the OATI Cloud data centers, accessed through a web browser. AMIoT™ leverages the LoRaWAN standard, which is an open, long range wireless communications network protocol. Just three LoRa gateways provide coverage over the city’s territory, and communicate with LoRa endpoints.  Flora’s LoRa-enabled electric meters are provided by Vision Metering, LLC.  The LoRa network can also be expanded to other LoRa devices for demand response, smart city, and other use cases.

“AMIoT™ is truly a next generation platform that makes advanced meter infrastructure, demand management, and Smart City functions accessible to all types of users,” says Dr. Sasan Mohktari, President and CEO of OATI. “We are excited to partner with the City of Flora to showcase what is possible.”

City of Flora Superintendent Toby Reinhart provided the following:

“I would like to share our experiences with OATI. Early last year we at the City of Flora decided to start investigating the purchase of an AMI Meter reading setup for our electric meters. We sent our project out for bid and had the chance to talk with OATI about their bid. They offered to “Customize” our head-in software and develop options for us for anything we wanted do or see on our system. They partnered with Vision Metering to create what we believe will be the industry leading AMI software. Since day one, OATI has been persistently in contact with our team members in every decision made on our customized AMI software. The OATI team is extremely organized and knowledgeable in the development of our software as well as the security of this software. We believe that the OATI team is second to none. We look forward to our official upcoming launch date.” 

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