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How Microgrids Generate Value with Participation in Demand Response Management Programs

Microgrids that participate in demand response management programs ensure realization of considerable economic value. But how does this benefit microgrid owners? Find out how microgrid owners can make the most of this opportunity to reduce their electricity costs and receive compensation from utilities.

November 28 , 2018 Read More

Achieve Optimum Power Quality with Microgrid Controllers

A microgrid can efficiently manage energy distributed throughout a facility or campus to achieve resiliency as well as economic and environmental efficiencies. As part of resiliency, microgrid controllers are designed to supply the loads with high power quality regardless of whether the microgrid is connected to the grid or islanded from it[...]

November 2 , 2018 Read More

OATI Legislator Forum on Grid Modernization

OATI, CEEM, ETL, and MNCEF co-hosted its first forum for legislators, PUC members, and local companies to learn about MN Grid Modernization. A tour, speakers, and panels led by subject matter experts focused on the efficacy of the microgrid.

January 30 , 2018 Read More

Achieving Generation Optimization within Microgrids

Microgrid energy management systems play a central role in providing microgrid operators the capability to achieve reliable, resilient, and cost effective power by enabling generation resource optimization and microgrid visualization.

December 20 , 2017 Read More

A Bi-Partisan Group Touts Benefits of Microgrid Implementations

It’s time to rebuild after damage from the extreme hurricane season but how to do so is up for debate. Several US Senators are uniting together to start an initiative to rebuild in a resilient and sustainable way. Their idea? Microgrids and decentralized energy resources to improve reliability in the future.

December 4 , 2017 Read More

A Sneak Peek at Microgrid Modes of Operation

Which microgrid mode of operation is right for your business? Getting a sneak peek into the factors that determine what mode of operation, how the microgrid operate in a chosen mode, and more is critical to achieving a successful microgrid design.

November 21 , 2017 Read More

Using Microgrids to Advance Grid Modernization

The electric grid currently uses overhead lines to deliver power to consumers. However, the grid is facing challenges that prevent it from being efficient. Microgrids are a smart solution to generate renewable sources of energy.

October 11 , 2017 Read More

Association of Large Distribution Cooperatives Tour Recap

Seeing a fully operational microgrid, like the OATI Microgrid Technology Center, helps utility leaders like the Association of Large Distribution Cooperatives recognize that these new technologies are viable and delivering demonstrable economic and reliability benefits.

June 8 , 2017 Read More

Our Top Four Pieces of Microgrid Optimization Content

Whether you're considering an investment in a microgrid or just want to see what’s new in the microgrid optimization software world, today we’re sharing our top four pieces of content.

May 17 , 2017 Read More

How Do You Migrate a Data Center?

OATI is migrating its Data Center to a new microgrid location in Bloomington, MN, to increase redundancy, efficiency, and reduce costs. Read all about the migration in our latest blog post.

April 7 , 2017 Read More

Microgrid Technology Center Update

OATI’s Microgrid Technology Center is in the final stages of construction with commissioning beginning and finishing touches being applied to the building’s interior and exterior.

December 29 , 2016 Read More

A Year in Review: The OATI Microgrid Technology Center in 2016

The OATI Microgrid Technology Center underwent many changes in 2016 and is now in the final stages of commissioning.

December 23 , 2016 Read More

Advanced Microgrid Developments Continue to Grow the Global Microgrid Market

Growing microgrid development is an indicator of how entities and utilities across the globe are leveraging Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to improve resiliency, economics, and the environment. OATI’s Microgrid Technology Center integrates DERs and advanced microgrid control systems to better understand how Grid 3.0 can impact all u[...]

November 23 , 2016 Read More

OATI GridSafe Process Improves Security of IoT for the Grid of Tomorrow

The new OATI GridSafe patent has introduced a new way to swiftly and securely connect grid edge IoT devices and end points.

November 1 , 2016 Read More

How Will Microgrids Fit in the Smart Cities Picture?

OATI shares why microgrids will play a critical part in the development of smart cities.  

October 10 , 2016 Read More

Introducing the OATI Microgrid Technology Center

The OATI Microgrid Technology Center, also known as “OATI South Campus”, is nearing completion, with external and internal finishes nearly complete and commissioning already underway.

October 6 , 2016 Read More

Microgrid Takeaways from 2016 IEEE ISGT

OATI is the leader in leveraging microgrid optimization to improve resiliency, reliability, and efficiency. OATI microgrid SME, Ebrahim Vaahedi, shared with participants how microgrid technology could benefit end users, utilities, and the energy industry.

September 29 , 2016 Read More

OATI’s State-of-the-Art Microgrid Technology Center Empowered with Grid Modernization Tools

OATI’s Microgrid Technology Center will showcase what Advanced Microgrids and Smart Grid solutions can achieve—such as the ability to seamlessly transition from the power grid to island mode without interrupting building occupancy.

August 9 , 2016 Read More

OATI Attends NY’s Microgrid Knowledge Conference

OATI sponsored and exhibited at the Microgrid Knowledge Conference on May 19, 2016, in NYC. The conference brought together industry leaders in the $40 million New York Prize to share the financial, regulatory, and technical lessons learned from developing and implementing microgrids.

May 24 , 2016 Read More

The Twin Cities and Microgrids

OATI’s leading innovations in microgrid and smart grid technology are sparking new and exciting developments in the Twin Cities. OATI is developing microgrids that fully utilize renewable resources like solar, wind, natural gas, and Combined Heat and Power (CHP) energy.

February 2 , 2016 Read More

South Campus’ Impact on OATI’s Future and Growth

OATI is committed to investing in technology that will evolve the energy industry. OATI’s new Microgrid Technology Center is a world-class building that leverages today’s energy innovations and combines with OATI’s advance microgrid optimization software solution to create the future of secure, resilient, and reliable infrast[...]

January 26 , 2016 Read More

What Does It Mean to Build a Microgrid from the Ground Up?

When planning to build a microgrid, entities should consider whether reliability, economic, or environmental concerns are most important to them, and build their development model around that. OATI’s South Campus microgrid is being built to ensure reliability.

January 14 , 2016 Read More

Thought Leader in Commercially Viable Microgrids

OATI has been the leader in providing solutions for the energy industry for more than twenty years. Recently, Microgrids have been disrupting the energy industry and OATI is at the forefront of providing energy entities the tools they need to leverage these assets.

October 15 , 2015 Read More

Why Is OATI Building a Microgrid?

Microgrids are the wave of the future, and OATI is building a microgrid to stay at the forefront of this new technology. The new data center will be capable of supplying its own power in the event of an outage.

April 9 , 2015 Read More