Transmission & Reliability

Managing Complex Power Transmission and Reliability Operations

Comprehensive solutions for complex problems, the OATI webTrans suite provides all-inclusive applications for business operations, compliance, accounting, and data management.

  • Transaction Scheduling
  • Outage Management
  • Energy Accounting
  • OASIS and OASIS Management
  • Transmission Billing
  • Congestion Management

Our adaptable modules can be deployed independently or integrated to meet each organization’s unique needs, setting the industry standard for managing transmission and reliability operations.


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Over 98% of North American utilities utilize OATI’s transmission and reliability solutions:

  • OATI provides a comprehensive suite of energy management applications for maximum reliability, empowering customers by streamlining operations.
  • OATI’s applications are integrated to meet each organization’s unique needs.
  • OATI provides the only end-to-end solution for transmission, outage management, congestion management, accounting, and reliability operations.

Case Study

Advanced Mathematics Make Dollars and Sense for NV Energy

Client: NV Energy is a public utility company, generating, transmitting, and distributing electric service in northern and southern Nevada.

Need: Implementation of energy accounting software with the ability to fully support comprehensive tracking and stay in compliance with FERC Order 764.

Solution: With OATI webAccounting, NV Energy is able to:

  • Easily build calculations and provide audit trails and reports with comprehensive tracking
  • Simplify back-end processes, streamline workflow, and reduce labor
  • Seamlessly interface with other systems to receive data and push calculated results

Case Study

El Paso Electric Streamlines Transmission Accounting Operations

Client: El Paso Electric Company (EPE) is a regional electric utility providing generation, transmission, and distribution to approximately 394,000 retail and wholesale customers in a 10,000-square-mile area of the Rio Grande Valley in west Texas and southern New Mexico.

Need: Access to centralized, web-based accounting software that streamlines customer account management.

Solution: With OATI’s webAccounting software, EPE is able to:

  • Easily access and manage data throughout complex account settlements and invoicing processes
  • Automate the energy accounting process, eliminating the possibility of manual errors
  • Perform complex calculations in seconds

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