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Newsroom   OATI Microgrid Lights

OATI Microgrid Lights

calcDec 07, 2022

From the American flag to a glowing game of Tetris, the OATI Microgrid Technology Center illuminates a variety of unique light displays to about 172,000 commuters every day. Located in Bloomington, MN, this building is powered by several renewable energy resources, and consists of four office floors, a wraparound roof, and an over 100-foot-tall LED wall.
On the left, we provided brief descriptions and snapshots of our Microgrid Lights displays throughout the years. Want to learn how we design, program and implement our Microgrid Lights? Check out the video below:

With the ability to create designs based on an infinite number of color combinations, the possibilities are — literally — endless! Send us your Microgrid Lights display idea today by emailing