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webinars   OATI webPipeline Webcast – March 29, 2017

Maximizing Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity: Resolving Operational Challenges while Increasing Profitability

Duration: 30 minutes
Date: Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM CST

Natural Gas Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) need a way to seize the opportunities provided by a changing market landscape to increase the profitability of their pipelines. This webcast will provide TSPs the actionable intelligence they need to maximize pipeline capacity while leveraging new technologies to improve the profitability of their pipelines. OATI’s webPipeline—a NAESB 3.0 certified product—will be used to illustrate how web-based advanced software solutions can be easily deployed to help TSPs achieve their revenue and regulatory compliance goals.  

In this live webcast, OATI’s natural gas pipeline management expert Sheldan Perry, will cover:

  • Business drivers in natural gas transportation
  • Characteristics of pipeline capacity management
  • Capacity management strategies that yield revenue
  • Technology overview

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About the Speakers

Sheldan Perry, Manager Gas Systems, OATI
Sheldan Perry is Manager of Gas Systems at OATI. Mr. Perry is a highly skilled professional with over 25 years of detailed functional and technical knowledge in Oil & Gas, Pipeline Transportation, and Energy Software Development. After a career at Cabot Energy and Pennzoil Corporation, as well as a stint at Tennessee Gas Pipeline and SunGard Energy Systems, Mr. Perry brings to natural gas pipeline management a unique, benefits-driven outlook that underscores OATI’s drive for operational optimization that yields enhanced economics for pipeline owners and operators. At OATI, he is currently responsible for coordinating the development and successful NAESB Wholesale Gas Quadrant 3.0 certification of webPipeline, a natural gas transportation management system. He also coordinates the maintenance and enhancements to the existing gas management system.