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OATI webIESO Webinar
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Prepare now for the Ontario Energy Market and IESO Changes Coming in 2025

Join OATI’s market experts on Wednesday, November 16, from 11 AM to noon, CPT, to find out all about webIESO, OATI’s new Ontario Energy Market IESO solution.
You’ll hear about:

  • The changes coming to the Ontario Energy Market and IESO
  • What the OATI team has developed so far and all that it will do
  • What’s needed to transition from a Real-Time market to a full Day-Two market, such as Day Ahead pricing/clearing, capacity auctions, FTRs (such as Must Offers)
  • The primary differences between IESO and all other RTOs (such as DAGOG, price caps)
  • How web IESO seamlessly integrates with existing OATI system, with a similar look and feel

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