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Managing Complex Natural Gas Operations

OATI gas solutions provide comprehensive tools to successfully navigate and manage the ever-changing gas industry. The web-based solution duo, OATI webPipeline™ and webTrader Gas™, simplify business operations while remaining compliant and secure.

OATI webPipeline is a NAESB certified gas transportation management system used by pipelines, LDCs, and gas storage facilities to manage their day-to-day customer transactions. Some of the key benefits are real-time processing, automated notifications via e-mail, text or screen alarm. Users also have detailed security roles for data privacy and the ability for customers to create and manage nomination data on multiple pipelines with one login.

OATI webTrader Gas is a gas scheduling solution used by LDCs and trading entities to buy, sell, manage, and monitor gas supply and positions for their power plants. Our customers utilize and benefit from key functionalities, such as load forecasting, managing both power and gas in one system, EDI with upstream pipelines, forward curves, and Market to Market positioning.

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