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Re-Imagining Market-Based Distribution Optimization

OATI webDSO is a patented transactive energy software application that provides market-based distribution optimization to distribution system operators, bulk power system and market operators to seamlessly manage distributed customer-side resources like rooftop solar panels, energy conservation, and demand response. OATI webDSO provides the architecture for bulk power transactive exchanges as well as grid-edge transactive exchanges.
OATI webDSO delivers a configurable interface for distribution system operation interactions with bulk power system operators (Balancing Authorities, ISOs/RTOs) and the owners and/or operators of demand-side assets like microgrids and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). The solution balances demand and supply variations at the distribution level and helps maintain reliable system operations.   
OATI webDSO provides:

  • Visibility into all parts of distribution grid
  • Transactive Energy market management operations
  • Full distribution network model
  • Resource modeling,
  • Pricing, billing, and financial settlements
  • Transmission maintenance
  • Outage and interchange scheduling
  • Direct control/dispatch of DR/DER assets
  • Metering and telemetry

OATI webDSO is a solution for the emerging transactive energy market that integrates and enhances your existing systems to help you take full control of this shifting paradigm that is redefining the utility business model and threatening your bottom line.

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