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solution-briefs   Smart Solar PV + VARs

Smarter Solar Creates Real Benefits from Reactive Power

Grid-scale solar arrays can do more than just feed energy into the power grid. In the face of the significant operational issues created by increasing levels of variable and Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), solar can now be used to help stabilize the grid.

The secret is reactive power, which is essential for proper operation of Transmission and Distribution systems and strongly influences voltage levels across the system.

In this solution brief, you’ll learn:

  • How reactive power, measured in volt-amperes reactive (VARs), helps the Transmission and Distribution systems work within operating limits and minimize active power losses.
  • How solar Photovoltaic arrays, coupled with “smart” inverters and Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software, can provide new sources of VAR support.
  • How actively managing your active/reactive power mix can improve power quality for industrial customers — and even help prevent the catastrophic blackouts of years past.
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