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infographics   Microgrid Infographic
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Using Microgrids to Achieve Grid Resiliency & Reliability

The development of microgrid technology has revolutionized the way power is produced and consumed. For many large end-use customers, the need to keep power generation local, cheap, and reliable is now part of their growth strategy — especially when they have critical power needs that must remain functioning at all times. The growing interest in microgrids, as well as other DERs, is understandably worrisome for many utilities because of the effects on their operations and business model. At the same time, many utilities are beginning to realize the intrinsic benefits of microgrids, especially their capability to help improve system-wide resiliency and reliability in extreme conditions.

With the new OATI Microgrid Infographic, you’ll learn: 

  • The distinct makeup of microgrids, the concept of load prioritization, control systems that provide intelligent microgrid power optimization, and more
  • How utilities can use microgrid assets to their utmost capabilities, for additional power or for ancillary grid services, including reserves, voltage regulation, and fast frequency response
  • How OATI can help utilities get started on the journey to build and run a microgrid

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