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e-Books   G&T Trends Technical Report - Greater than the Sum

Trends in Centralized Demand Management for G&T Utilities

This revised technical report — First Edition was published in 2014 — by the OATI team of experts, provides an in-depth overview of key emerging trends driving the development of effective demand management strategies within Generation and Transmission (G&T) utilities. It also examines how advanced technologies in Smart Grid hardware and software tools, as well as changes in market structures, can be leveraged to improve grid operations.

This informational report addresses the following trends affecting the market today:

1. How to improve operations by leveraging new technologies.
2. Seizing the benefits of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) while mitigating risks.
3. How to take advantage of wholesale Demand Response (DR) opportunities.
4. The growing adoption of hosted software solutions among cooperatives.

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