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case-studies   transmission-reliability   NV Energy Case Study - webEIM

Using Best-in-Class Technology to Benefit from the Energy Imbalance Market

NV Energy realized that joining the Western EIM would reduce production costs, enhance reliability, improve and integrate more renewable generation, and above all, create significant economies scale that translate into significant savings for its customers. NV Energy understood that the necessary prerequisite to becoming a successful market participant lay in finding and securing a trusted technology vendor that would help them achieve these business objectives.

With the OATI webEIM, NV Energy:

  • Is enjoying significant inter-regional transfer benefits from its intra-hour transactions
  • Has the capability to optimize its base schedules before they are submitted to the EIM
  • Is able to curtail carbon emissions and exceed Nevada’s renewable portfolio standard goals by integrating renewable generation into the combined grid, without disrupting grid reliability

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