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case-studies   smart-energy   Case Study: Wake Electric

Wake Electric Achieves More than $200K/Year in Peak Demand Charges without Impacting Consumers

With more than $200K per year in peak demand savings and improved power quality to its members, Wake Electric Membership Corp. (Wake), is meeting and exceeding consumer expectation for reliable and cost-effective power supply. These benefits and more are a result of Wake’s decision to deploy OATI’s webDistribute application — a non-intrusive and reliable Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) solution that shaves peak demand without impacting consumers’ lifestyles and productivity.

OATI webDistribute CVR is helping Wake:

  • Monitor, forecast, schedule, and manage load to reduce demand during peak periods
  • Report voltage and demand measurements from Bellwether meters
  • Reduce voltage throughout their distribution grid
  • View Real-Time data to provide precise measurements for maximum load reduction
  • Optimize load reduction without affecting customers

To read the Wake Case Study and learn more about OATI webDistribute CVR, fill out the form to request your copy today.