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case-studies   smart-energy   Case Study: AEP
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AEP Achieves Greater Demand Response Agility with OATI’s webDistribute Solution

American Electric Power’s (AEP) existing Demand Response (DR) system was built on an aging platform. The system modifications required to keep up with PJM’s ever-changing program requirements, such as the PJM Emergency DR programs, were challenging and took significant internal resources to manage. AEP knew they needed to invest in a more stable, comprehensive platform that could offer some customization and allow for future growth. With OATI’s Demand Response Management System (DRMS) software, webDistribute®, AEP found that — and much more.

With OATI webDistribute, AEP is able to:

  • Monitor, control, schedule, and manage DR programs and Distributed Energy Resource assets
  • Automatically create any events that are called by the PJM market and notify all customers impacted by the event via phone, SMS text messaging, and/or email
  • Compute pricing information every day, based on AEP’s system load forecast, and publish reports on the expected prices

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