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Ensuring Security with OATI’s Natural Gas Pipeline Solution

At the LDC Gas Forums – NE event, OATI’s Kristi Schnee and Sheldan Perry met several customers and companies looking to replace their pipeline solution with something more secure. In this blog, delve into what sets OATI’s pipeline transportation and management software apart from others.

October 17 , 2018 Read More

Uncovering Gas Industry Issues and Innovations at LDC Gas Forums – Northeast

Missed this year’s LDC Gas Forums – Northeast? Find out why New Technologies Impacting the Natural Gas Value Chain and Cybersecurity topped event discussions with insight from OATI experts.

September 6 , 2018 Read More

OATI Showcases Cybersecurity and Natural Gas Solutions at LDC Forum

OATI is pleased to announce their sponsorship and participation at the LDC Gas Forum (NE) on June 11-13, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. Get an opportunity to meet and connect with OATI experts and get special insight to the OATI’s cybersecurity and natural gas solutions.

June 5 , 2018 Read More

Hosted vs Delivered Solutions

In the natural gas transportation and storage management business sector, making a choice between a hosted and delivered software solution can be a tough call with huge business implications. OATI can help you decide which option would be best for your business using our unique approach.

December 13 , 2017 Read More

How Could the Clean Power Plan Affect Utilities?

With the proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan, how will this affect utility companies? An OATI expert says it would likely have minimal impact on utility’s plans to meet carbon emission goals.

November 22 , 2017 Read More

Minimizing Regulatory Compliance Costs Can Increase Pipeline Profitability

The increasing reliance on natural gas to produce electric power has created headaches for both industries and promoted major regulatory reforms from NAESB and FERC. Staying compliant with these new regulations will challenge pipeline operators and the systems they use to manage their operations in the coming years.

March 23 , 2017 Read More