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SpecialPages   Special webCARES Digital Certificate Offer for NYISO Market Participants
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NYISO market participants need experts they can trust for the transition to webRegistry and NAESB-ACA digital certificates. OATI webCARES Digital Certificates are trusted by more than 1,600 energy industry customers and offer the highest level of security, along with access to our best-in-class customer support team. To help market participants achieve compliance with NAESB Requirements, OATI is offering options to help alleviate disruption and provide support in the transition.
Option 1 – Login to webRegistry and change the name of your organization (webRegistry Entity Name) to EXACTLY match the organizational name in your existing OATI webCARES certificates (O = Organizational Name).

Option 2 – Contact OATI and we’ll support you by doubling your webCARES Digital Certificates for up to 90 days at no additional cost to facilitate compliance with the requirement that your organization name in your webCARES NAESB ACA certificate subject (O=) match exactly your organization name in the webRegistry (“Entity Name”).

Call our 24/7 Support line to talk to a representative about special offers for bulk needs at or 763.201.2020.

OATI’s specialized NYISO transition staff will work individually with customers to review the best scenario for your individual business needs to ensure this change occurs, and you can continue to use the secure, industry-standard, NAESB ACA-compliant webCARES Digital Certificates.

Ready to get started with your NAESB ACA Certificates?  Click here to receive your OATI webRegistry and NAESB ACA Certificate guides today!