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The Electric Grid of the Future

The electric grid of the future will require greater levels of information and transaction management to improve the reliability, efficiency, and economics of system operations. The next generation of scheduling and optimization applications will also need to accommodate increased renewable and distributed generation and demand-side participation while addressing intra-hour balancing of end-to-end integration requirements. The OATI webSmartEnergy suite of software solutions connects customers, resources, grid operations, and energy markets intelligently — creating a greener and more efficient grid.
A Scalable Platform that Grows with an Organization’s Requirements

OATI webSmartEnergy  provides the scalability, performance, and security needed to support higher penetrations of Smart Grid functionality, while fully integrating with field equipment, operations, and enterprise systems for end-to-end functionality.

The OATI webSmartEnergy suite of applications includes:

  • OATI webDistribute – Distributed-Resource and demand-side management
  • OATI webMeter – Meter data management
  • OATI webDispatch – Coordinated optimal dispatch of conventional and distributed variable energy resources, trades, and energy storage resources
  • OATI webSmartView – Customer-engagement portal for web and mobile
  • OATI webDMS – Distribution grid management
  • OATI webIntegrate – Data integration for enterprise and legacy systems
  • OATI webRenewables – Variable and renewable energy resource management

OATI webSmartEnergy is supported by a team of industry-recognized subject matter experts through OATI’s smart energy consulting services.