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Newsroom   OATI in the News   OATI’s Microgrid Expert, Terry Mohn Mentioned in POWERGRID International

OATI’s Microgrid Expert, Terry Mohn Mentioned in POWERGRID International

calcDec 28, 2016

OATI’s Microgrid expert, Terry Mohn is featured prominently in a recent article titled, “Islands in the Grid: How Microgrids Change the Story,” by Teresa Hansen, Editor in Chief of Electric Light & Power and POWERGRID International. This article comes on the heels of the just-ended Power Generation Week that brought together nearly 200 leading energy industry experts to present new solutions and innovations for the future, and it provides significant insight behind the growing interest in microgrids. While a number of experts reviewed the different aspects of microgrids’ emergence and growth, OATI’s Terry Mohn “was the only presenter in the session to talk about a specific installation,” according to Hansen.

In this session captioned, “Distributed Energy in Microgrids—How Onsite Power Systems Can Be Integrated for Enhanced Resiliency,” Mohn’s presentation of OATI’s Microgrid Case Study succinctly captured the reliability, resiliency, and economic benefits of microgrids highlighted by the preceding speakers. According to Mohn, “We [at OATI] wanted to optimize the use of our generation assets and build a bridge between the private facility owners and the utilities.” All the speakers were in general agreement that microgrids are poised to be a huge part of the energy future because of their inherent capability to provide reliability, increase resiliency, and optimize energy costs.

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