Seattle City Light Chooses OATI Solution to Support Participation in Western EIM

OATI is pleased to announce Seattle City Light (City Light) has chosen OATI to support their full participation in the western EIM with OATI webEIM, an Energy Market Management software solution, for both the EIM Entity Scheduling Coordinator (EESC) and the Participating Resource Scheduling Coordinator (PRSC). Pending the City Council’s final approval in 2019, City Light is currently planning to go live with the complete OATI webEIM solution in April 2020.

City Light serves over 450,000 customers in the city of Seattle and surrounding cities and will use the OATI webEIM solution to ease their entry and participation as they join the western EIM. In addition, City Light has selected the full OATI Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) solution suite to provide an ecosystem of functionality that eliminates redundant operations and leverages smart data analytics to maximize business objectives, which includes the OATI webSettlement and webSmartBid™ products.

The western EIM is a real-time wholesale power market designed for the purpose of trading energy among market participants when necessary to meet customer demand across a wider footprint. The OATI western EIM software solution assists entities by providing advanced critical functionalities such as detailed reporting, data interfaces, automation of processes, and optimization. This comprehensive, market-tested solution increases accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings in the EIM market.

“With a successful, well-proven history of delivering western EIM systems on-time without critical variance impedances, OATI fully supports City Light’s complete participation in the western EIM,” said Dr. Sasan Mokhtari, President and CEO of OATI. “We are proud to empower City Light and work together with them on this project.”

“We are excited to partner with OATI, a company with a successful history of empowering energy industry customers to solve their operational challenges and to be ready for what comes next in the evolving energy markets,” said Seattle City Light Power Management Division Director, Joy Liechty. “OATI’s competency in providing innovative solutions will enable Seattle City Light’s successful entrance and participation in the EIM market, benefiting our customers and strengthening City Light’s position as the nation’s greenest utility.”

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