Two Utilities Enter the SPP WEIS with OATI’s webEIS Solution

Minneapolis, MN: February 03, 2021
OATI is proud to announce the successful go-live of the webEIS solution for Basin Electric Power Cooperative and Western Area Power Administration-Rocky Mountain Region (WAPA-RMR). The two utilities selected OATI as their solution provider for participating in the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Western Energy Imbalance Service Market (WEIS).

The SPP WEIS Market launched at the start of February 2021, where Basin Electric and WAPA-RMR were joined by other utilities. Generation and load are balanced regionally and in real-time for participants of the market, leading to reduced wholesale electricity costs.

OATI webEIS is a comprehensive WEIS solution, providing functionality to ease integration into the WEIS. Utilities can take advantage of a range of features, such as market interactions, process automation, reporting and settlement capabilities, to fulfill the necessary requirements of WEIS participation.

“We are excited to venture into a new territory with the WEIS Market.” said Sasan Mohktari, President and CEO of OATI. “With our past experience in working with EIM solutions, we think we can greatly benefit our customers as they move into this market.”

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