Seven Consecutive Years and Counting: OATI Remains WebTrust Compliant

OATI has successfully achieved its seventh consecutive year of OATI webCARES WebTrust for Certification Authorities compliance. The WebTrust Standards, which included WebTrust for Certification Authorities v2.1 and WebTrust Principles and Criteria for Certification Authorities – SSL Baseline with Network Security Version 2.3, were previously developed jointly by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) and are now managed by Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA) of Canada.

WebTrust Principles and Criteria for Certification Authorities – SSL Baseline with Network Security Version 2.3 has enhanced requirements to ensure Certificate Authorities (CA) adhere to the highest level of cybersecurity for their constituents, including revisions to validation requirements and alignment with the Certificate Authority/Browser (CA/B) Forum Baseline Requirements.

By complying with these stringent standards, OATI webCARES affirms its long-held status as a CA and its accountability for customer cybersecurity. This compliance also guarantees e-commerce transactions, PKI technology, and cryptography are secure and confidential for customers.

“Maintaining WebTrust Standards compliance is crucial to developing continued trust and reliability with our customers,” said Dr. Sasan Mokhtari, President and CEO of OATI. “OATI webCARES adheres to these to ensure customer security and confidentiality.”

About OATI
OATI provides innovative solutions that simplify, streamline, and empower the operational tasks required in today’s energy commerce and Smart Grid. Serving more than 2,000 customers in North America, OATI successfully deploys and hosts diverse mission-critical solutions committed to industry standards and stringent security guidelines. 

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