OATI Successfully Migrates Data Center Operations to New Microgrid Technology Center

OATI is pleased to announce the successful migration of Data Center operations to the new OATI Microgrid Technology Center in Bloomington.

Minneapolis, MN: May 08, 2017 – OATI has successfully migrated Data Center operations from its Plymouth Data Center to the new Microgrid Technology Center.  This was a single site move and continues the years of OATI Active/Active Data Center architecture.

To prepare for the migration, the OATI Move team harnessed expertise across many departments. Over the past 6 months, the team comprehensively tested and simulated migrations to predict how OATI systems would operate. These tests helped OATI anticipate and mitigate potential issues during the move.

From April 04 to April 27, 2017, the Migration team unracked, moved, and reracked over 1,100 SAN, server, and network devices. Additionally, the team reconfigured over 600 web/App/database clusters, and synchronized databases across the North and South Campuses. 

The OATI Microgrid Technology Center is a microgrid that houses the new OATI South Campus Data Center, an advanced facility with expanded security and unsurpassed infrastructure designed to provide maximum redundancy. The Data Center has the added bonus of increased resiliency, including the ability to utilize renewable energy resources and run independent of utility power by utilizing on-site power generation.

“We are very pleased with the efforts that went into making the migration a success,” says Sasan Mokhtari, President and CEO at OATI. “The new Data Center is one of the many tools we have to maintain the integrity and security of customer data.”

OATI will host tours of the Microgrid Technology Center for OATI current and future customers at Spark 2017 OATI Energy Conference in Minneapolis, MN, from September 19 – 21, 2017.

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