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North American Solar Canopy Company Chooses OATI EVolution™ for Charge Station Network Management System

OATI is excited to announce that iSun Energy (iSun) has chosen OATI EVolution™ to package with iSun’s solar canopies for the next-generation solar shading system powered by the OATI EVolution™ smart electric vehicle (EV) charge station network management system.

A solid establishment in the EV community, iSun manufactures and installs solar canopies for both residential and commercial locations across North America. OATI EVolution™ Network Management Software (NMS) and iSun canopies will empower users with the most advanced turnkey EV and solar power charging solutions on the market today.

iSun station owners and the iSun community of EV drivers will access critical EV charging data through the OATI EVolution™ station owner app and the EV driver app. Station owners will view and manage charge stations, track and report on energy usage and production, charge events, greenhouse gas reduction, and manage charge session time duration and kWhs delivered per session. The system expects to add options such as batteries for grid services, intelligent lighting, air metrics, security camera, and more to the platform. To embrace the power of the iSun next-generation solar shading, the dashboard will display the 15-minute interval generation output from the solar canopy. EV drivers will use the app to find iSun and other nearby charge stations, access the status of charge stations, and initiate charge events.

In addition, Sass Peress, CEO & Renewable Energy Ambassador of iSun Energy, is a featured Keynote Speaker at OATI’s annual Energy Conference where he will discuss how iSun and OATI’s new partnership is driving the business of energy and the electrification of transportation.

“The opportunity to partner with an esteemed software company such as OATI is exemplary of the kinds of high quality technology partners that iSun has engaged in to develop the most advanced Distributed Energy platform in the market today. Combining the skills and experience of the OATI team, with our work on the hardware side, will help change how the market sees EV charging. Currently a loss leader or “marketing investment” for site owners, the iSun/EVolution™ solution will actually make EV charging infrastructure profitable for site owners, be they utilities, commercial site owners or even EV car dealerships”, said Sass Peress, CEO of iSun Energy. “We expect to begin phased launch of the platform starting with New England in late fall, culminating in the first market-wide launch in the winter months.”

“This powerful partnership features iSun Energy’s unique vision and OATI advanced solutions to meet the needs of its green-inspired customers and EV driver community,” said Sasan Mokhtari, Ph.D., President and CEO of OATI. “The future of EVs is now, and with this turnkey solution powered by OATI EVolution™, iSun will transform the electrification of transportation.”

About iSun Energy
iSun Energy is a brand of solar energy and electric vehicle technology charging solutions. The groups of Canadian and American-based companies are on a mission to create clean energy and mobility, through the delivery of smart, connected, resilient and attractive solar power shading structures. Using state of the art solar and EV charging technology, combined with innovative all-aluminum proprietary structures and grid-smart ready management software, iSun Energy has created a line of solar power shading systems for residential to commercial applications, available and configurable to user delight on its website at www.isunenergy.com.

About OATI
OATI (www.oati.com) is the leading provider of advanced solutions to streamline and empower today’s energy commerce and Smart Grid. Since pioneering Software-as-a-Service (Saas) in 1995, OATI delivers innovative Electric Vehicle Management, Distribution Management, Energy Trading/Risk Management, Transmission Scheduling, Gas Trading/Pipeline Management, and Grid and Market Management solutions.

Working alongside utilities, their customers, and providers, OATI successfully designs, implements, deploys, and hosts mission-critical solutions committed to industry standards and stringent security guidelines, Transforming the Business of Energy. Serving more than 2,200 customers, OATI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with offices in California, Punjab, Telangana, and Singapore. For more information, please contact Info@oati.net.