OATI To Create Greater Congestion Visibility For The Eastern Interconnection

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) will begin implementing recommended NAESB WEQ-008 standards in IDC on a trial basis in 2017.
Minneapolis, MN: June 08, 2016 – OATI is pleased to announce the implementation of the North American Electric Standards Board (NAESB) Wholesale Electric Quadrant WEQ-008 Transmission Loading Relief (TLR) Business Practice Standard (Standard) for an 18 month trial period beginning Fall 2017.

Building on existing Interchange Distribution Calculator (IDC) infrastructure, the OATI Parallel Flow Visualization (PFV) system will improve the wide-area view of the Eastern Interconnection for Reliability Coordinators (RC), and more accurately and equitably determine curtailments and re-dispatch options to remedy congestion on flowgates.  OATI PFV will identify in greater detail the contributions to flows on flowgates from Interchange Transactions, NITS, Dynamic and Pseudo-Tie Schedules, and untagged flows on regulating Phase Shifters and DC lines; thus, allowing unprecedented near real-time situational awareness of the Bulk Electric System and more granular visibility into congestion in the Eastern Interconnection.

During the trial period, PFV will operate in open loop mode and in parallel with IDC.  The PFV integration with IDC will enable TRL calculations in IDC to be replicated in PFV to allow for after-the-fact analysis.  Upon completion of the trial period, the PFV results will be evaluated by the NAESB Business Practice Subcommittee (BPS) and IDC Working Group (IDCWG), the new WEQ-008 Standard will become effective for all TLRs, and the OATI PFV will become the system from which Reliability Coordinators will initiate TLR requests.

“OATI’s priority is providing our customers with the most advanced solutions available,” said Sasan Mokhtari, President and CEO of OATI.  “By enacting a trial period and working with the IDCWG, we ensure that priority is met.”

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