OATI Offers Advanced Look of New AMI Technology at TechAdvantage 2019

OATI is pleased to announce an exclusive advanced look at AMIoT™, the soon-to-be launched Internet of Things (IoT)-based Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution, at TechAdvantage 2019 in booth #1663.
AMIoT™ is the next generation of AMI technology. It is highly cost-effective and offers great flexibility to support a variety of use cases beyond AMI, taking advantage of open wireless and messaging communication protocols that allow utilities to purchase meters of their choice independent from the head-end.  

AMIoT™ is built on Gryphin™, OATI’s new architecture for information processing and management. Gryphin™ is based upon IoT and Big Data technologies that provide significant enhancements to scalability, data retention, performance, and availability. The underlying AMI architecture is designed to handle massive amounts of data using distributed, horizontal and vertically scalable, open source technologies. Data collected by the AMIoT™ head-end will be stored in highly secure data repositories. 

“OATI has served the North American power industry for many years, always finding new and nimble ways to use new technology to bring more value and services to our customers,” said David Heim, J.D., Associate Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer at OATI. “As energy experts, it was only natural for us to be at the forefront of AMI technology to provide simple and cost-effective solutions to make their operations smoother.” 

OATI experts at TechAdvantage will also discuss and demonstrate the recently launched turnkey electric vehicle (EV) charging solution, EVolution™, as well as their Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)Microgrid ControllerCVR, and CTA-2045 solutions. TechAdvantage 2019 will be in Orlando, Florida, from March 11 to 13.

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