Real-Time Data to Improve Distribution Grid Visibility According to OATI Solution Brief

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) releases new solution brief on improving reliability of Demand Response (DR) forecasts through real-time data.
Minneapolis, Minnesota: January 05, 2015 – Due to the lack of available metering or telementry from the secondary distribution circuits and the absence of accurate distribution network models, distribution grid operators have little visibility to segments of the grid connecting from distribution substations to end-use customers.

A new solution brief from OATI, Gaining Visibility: The Operational Benefits of Real-Time Distribution Grid Data, discusses how utilities can leverage advanced networking, security and communication technologies to shape, load, improve reliability, and use demand-side assets to deliver positive business outcomes through proven, precision metrics.
“Many utilities are looking to solve the common industry challenge of insufficient distribution grid visibility,” says David Heim, Chief Strategy Officer. OATI GridControl provides the secure, real-time measurement and control functionality they need to really know what’s happening at the edge of the grid.”

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