Portland General Electric Chooses OATI webEIM to Ease Transition into Western EIM

OATI is pleased to announce Portland General Electric (PGE) is now an official market participant in the western EIM. PGE, an Oregon-based utility, utilizes OATI webEIM, an Energy Market Management software solution designed to facilitate the entry and participation of entities joining the western EIM.  On October 01, 2017, PGE received the green light and became certified for financially binding involvement in the western EIM.
The western EIM is a real-time wholesale power market designed for the purpose of trading energy among market participants when necessary to meet customer demand across a wider footprint. The OATI western EIM software solution assists entities by providing advanced critical functionalities such as detailed reporting, data interfaces, automation of processes, and optimization. This comprehensive, market-tested solution increases accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings in the EIM market.
“We are proud that we have the ability to help Portland General Electric easily transition into the western EIM,” said Sasan Mokhtari, President and CEO of OATI. “Our benefits-driven solution allows seamless integration and successful participation in the western EIM.”
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