OATI and EnSync Collaborate on Future Microgrid Solutions

Open Access Technology International, Inc. (OATI) announces the integration of EnSync solutions into forthcoming OATI South Campus Microgrid.

Minneapolis, MN: August 25, 2015 – OATI and EnSync Energy Systems, leading developers of innovative energy management systems for the utility, commercial, and industrial building markets, will install EnSync’s Matrix Energy Management and Agile Hybrid Energy Storage on the future OATI South Campus and Microgrid in Bloomington, Minnesota. The OATI South Campus will be a state-of-the-art, first of its kind Microgrid. It will have multiple on-site power generation sources, in addition to its connection to the local utility. The South Campus will operate in parallel with the grid, or disconnected for a virtually indefinite period of time, and will intelligently and dynamically adjust and optimize its load and generation based upon grid conditions and electricity prices.

The Matrix Energy Management technology is a power controls solution with modularity and scalability features, allowing the addition of a variety of advanced energy generating sources at any time. These features will “future-proof” the South Campus, meaning they will efficiently and economically accommodate myriad applications, government policies, and technology updates that occur over the life of generating assets. The Agile Hybrid Energy Storage System takes a hybrid approach to power and energy needs, utilizing lithium ion batteries for quick, short-term power and flow batteries for long-duration energy needs.

“OATI is very interested in capturing the significant flexibility that the Matrix and Agile Hybrid systems offer by allowing us to change, add, or subtract multiple generating resources to a building or microgrid, as well as support an end-user comfortably should a utility outage occur,” said Sasan Mokhtari, President & CEO of OATI.  “Our next generation of webSmartEnergy and other solutions will be used by thousands of companies, so OATI demands a high level of adaptability in managing generating assets now, and well into the future. We expect EnSync’s technology to meet those expectations.”

The Matrix Energy Management System and Agile Hybrid battery storage will be integrated into a grid-connected system that will control and enhance the energy from wind power, the electricity grid, batteries, and–eventually–solar power. Among the applications that OATI plans to qualify for their total infrastructure solution are energy peak shaving, contingency reserves, demand response and renewable energy firming or smoothing, and micro-grid power.

“We are thrilled OATI has chosen our breakthrough technology, which we firmly believe can shape the future acquisition, sale, and management of electricity at the local level,” said Brad Hansen, CEO and President of EnSync Energy Systems. “Much like OATI being at the forefront of developing new strategies to optimize power management, the Matrix and Agile Hybrid system are engineered for future requirements inherent in a shifting landscape of technology and energy policy. It’s a really good partnership that’s contributing to the future market of electricity management.”

About EnSync Energy Systems

EnSync Energy Systems, formerly known as ZBB Energy Corporation, is a technology solutions company providing industry-leading energy management systems critical to an economy becoming increasingly reliant upon renewable energy. Whether part of the grid power transmission and distribution network, or located “behind the meter” in commercial, industrial and multi-tenant buildings, EnSync brings vital power control and energy storage solutions to micro-environments that result from the increasing use of distributed and renewable energy generating assets. In 2015, ZBB incorporated power purchase agreements (PPA’s) into its portfolio of offerings, enabling electricity savings for customers and providing a stable financial yield for investors. EnSync offers innovative energy systems designed to ensure optimal efficiencies today, while offering unparalleled flexibility to easily adapt and scale systems to future requirements inherent within the shifting landscapes of technology and energy policy.

About OATI

OATI provides innovative software solutions that simplify, streamline, and empower the operational tasks required in today’s energy commerce and Smart Grid. With more than 1,800 customers in North America, OATI successfully deploys large, complicated, and diverse mission-critical applications committed to industry standards and stringent NERC CIP guidelines.

OATI ( is a leading provider of Smart Grid, Energy Trading and Risk Management, Transmission Scheduling, Congestion Management, and Market Management products and services. OATI is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with an office in Redwood City, California. For more information, please contact